Beaphar Play Spray for Cats (lure) - 150 ml

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  • Brand: Beaphar
  • Play Spray for Cats (lure)
  • Size: 150ml

Beaphar Play Spray is not only a training aid for kittens and cats but also a way to enhance play. For years catnip has been used in toys and cat products by providing an irresistible smell which heightens play and excites your cat. Can be used to train your cat not to ruin furniture by attracting your cat or kitten to the desired location. Cats and kittens scratch in order to relieve stress, sharpen claws, as part of the play, and to help shed old claws as they grow. Often valuable furniture or carpets are used causing costly damage. Use this spray to make toys and scratching posts attractive and your cat or kitten will learn that this is the place for scratching and for playing.