Farmina Vet Life Struvite Cat Food - 2 Kg

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  • Brand: Farmina
  • Vet Life Struvite Cat Food
  • Size: 2 Kg

Farmina Vet Life Struvite is a complete dietetic food for cats formulated to dissolve struvite calculi.
Mode of action: The low concentration of proteins, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium contained by Farmina Vet Life Struvite creates an unfavourable situation to the aggregation and the crystals precipitation. Additional DL-Methionine creates and maintains an acid pH which helps the dissolution and inhibits the neo-formation of struvitis. Furthermore, it creates an unfavourable environment to the bacterial proliferation.
Treatment modalities: It is recommended that a veterinarian's opinion be sought before use and before extending the period of use. Serve the product as it is, following the daily quantity indicated in the table. Recommended period of use: from 5 to 12 weeks in case of dissolution of struvite calculi. Daily quantity shown on the attached schedule are merely indicative and they require to be fitted in order to achieve the right body weight. The dose can be divided into two daily meals or more. Always leave a clean bowl of fresh water throughout the day in order to hydrate the animal as much as possible.

Corn gluten, rice, dehydrated chicken meat, oat, animal fat, hydrolysed animal proteins, dehydrated whole eggs, fish oil, dehydrated fish, potassium chloride, vegetable oil, calcium sulfate dihydrate, calcium carbonate, inulin, fructooligosaccharides, mannanoligosaccharides, sodium chloride, Marigold extract (source of lutein). Protein source: corn gluten, dehydrated chicken meat, hydrolysed fish and chicken proteins, eggs, fish. Urine acidifiers: DL-Methionine (7g/kg), calcium sulfate dihydrate (5g/kg).

Supplements per kg
Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 15000IU; Vitamin D3 600IU; Vitamin E 550mg; Vitamin C 250mg; Niacin 125mg; pantothenic acid 42mg; Vitamin B2 17mg; Vitamin B6 7mg; Vitamin B1 8mg; Vitamin H 1.3mg; folic acid 1.3mg; Vitamin B12 0.08mg; choline chloride 1900mg; Beta-carotene 1.5mg; zinc oxide 108mg; zinc sulphate monohydrate 120mg; manganous sulphate monohydrate 180mg; ferrous sulphate monohydrate 44mg;ferrous carbonate 60mg; copper sulphate pentahydrate 42mg; calcium iodate anhydrous 2.4mg; sodium selenite 0.30mg; Taurine 2000mg; DL-methionine 7000mg; L-lysine HCI 1000mg; L-carnitine 250mg. Technological additives: antioxidants.

Typical Analysis
Cálcio: 0.80%
Ceneri grezze: 5.90%
Fibra grezza: 1.20%
Fosforo: 0.60%
Potassio: 0.45%
Sodio: 0.26%
Oli e grassi grezzi: 16.00%
Magnesio: 0.06%
Proteine grezze: 34.00%
Cloruri: 0.95%
Zolfo: 0.40%
Omega 3: 0.40%
Omega 6: 3.10%
EPA: 0.10%
DHA: 0.15%
Energy EM: 3842.00Kcal/Kg
Energy Kg: 16.00 Mj/kg