GimCat Milk Powder for Kittens, 200g

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  • Brand: GimCat 
  • Milk Powder For Kittens
  • Size: 200g
  • To be used as an additional food supplement for kittens
  • Helps in maintaining the immune system

The Cat - Milk GIMPET has been specifically designed according to the example of the natural breast milk. The Cat - Milk GIMPET contains taurine, essential to maintaining the visual faculties of eyes and a healthy heart. The components of proteins and fats of animal origin are harmonized according to the needs of the delicate stomachs of young kittens. In addition, the Cat - Milk contains natural GIMPET arachidonic acid, essential for skin and a hair intact and that increases the brightness of the coat.

This product is suitable for
Rising orphan kittens
Supplementary nutrition (especially when transiting from mother's milk to solid food)
Feeding of lactating and pregnant females
Gaining strength and immunity