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Potential adopters selects the pet from Kareq8's website or instagram account @kareq8 or of course adoption day at Petzone.

We arrange to deliver the pet after making sure you have provided all the needed items such as food, bed, bowls, leash and collars for dogs.

Our system gives a chance of foster period before Adoption Agreement is signed. A Foster form is signed giving the family a week or so to get to know the pet.

If all goes well we sign adoption agreement & stay in close contact with the family to follow up & make sure all the vaccinations are taken & spay & neuter is a must at proper age if the pet was not already fixed. 

"Our perfect home is where the pet lives among the family, no isolation or outdoors keeping"

KAREQ8 does not charge for adoption.

Please see more on & follow @kareq8 on instagram or KAREQ8 on facebook to read about their rescues & stories. Group founded by Maha MullaJumaAlKhatib & friends.