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  • allspan-german-horse-xtreme-premium-horse-bedding-20-kg allspan-german-horse-xtreme-premium-horse-bedding-20-kg
  • allspan-german-horse-xtreme-premium-horse-bedding-20-kg allspan-german-horse-xtreme-premium-horse-bedding-20-kg

Allspan Xtreme High Quality Horse Bedding, 20 Kg


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  • Brand: Allspan German Horse
  • Xtreme Bedding
  • German Horse
  • very coarse shavings.
  • an untreated natural product.
  • practically dust free.
  • ideal for horses with a sensitive respiratory system.
  • the surface stays dry and comfortable.
  • gentle to the horses joints, creates a nonslip bedding.
  • ideal to cure and prevent thrush and other hoof problems.

Allspan Xtreme are purpose made large shavings cut directly from the log to create coarse, virtually dust free flakes for your horse. A sophisticated drying and dust removing process guarantees almost dust free shavings with an excellent level of rest moisture, creating an elastic and absorbent box bed.

Why Allspan XTREME:

Minimum dust: especially important for high performance horses that spend a large part of the day in their stable. It is crucial to provide the horses with an optimum air quality and keep dust to an minimum. Allspan XTREME shavings are professionally de dusted and sifted to ensure clean stable air.

Optimum moisture: Xtreme shavings are dried in a special process to maintain an optimum moisture level that ensures urine can be absorbed quickly. An additional advantage of an optimum moisture level Xtreme shavings is the creation of a perfect environment for your horses hoof health. An overly dry bedding can create dry and cracked hoofs, an overly wet bedding can lead to thrush and other hoof problems. Allspan Xtreme guarantees an optimum moisture level to keep your horse healthy.

Stability in the stable: Allspan XTREME wood shavings create a stable bottom layer in your horses box, minimizing the risk of slipping.

Joint protection: the comfortable and uniform bed functions as an elastic mattress allowing the horse to safely lay down and enter much needed REM sleep. Joints and muscles are relieved during the rest period ensuring maximum performance when in work.

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