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Aqua Maintenance

Petzone offers a full line of professional aquarium maintenance and services, utilizing the experience of our aquarium specialists who truly understand aquariums.

DetailsFresh WaterMarine Water
Installation (If purchased from petzone. If not quotation will be sent) 15KD 20KD
Maintenance 1.0m < Monthly 14KD - Yearly 120KD Monthly 20KD - Yearly 250KD
Maintenance 1m - 1.5m Tank Monthly 20KD - Yearly 150KD Monthly 25KD - Yearly 300KD
Maintenance 1.5m - 2m Tank Monthly 25KD - Yearly 200KD Monthly 30KD - Yearly 400KD
Maintenance 2m - 2.8m Tank Monthly 30KD - Yearly 250KD Monthly 35KD - Yearly 500KD
Maintenance 2.8m > A quotation will be provided A quotation will be provided
Relocation Same Location 30 Kd - Different Location 50 Kd Same Location 40 Kd - Different Location 60 Kd
Assessement 5KD 5KD
Delivery FREE (15+ KD Invoices) FREE (15+ KD Invoices)

Here are our services :

Assessment :
Checking functionality of the existing equipments and the location of the aquarium. Whether you are a long time aquarium owner or a beginner,  Petzone is at your service! Our aquarium sepecialists will provide council on any algea problems, water parameter issues, pest infestion and fish sickness.

Installation :
Petzone team is ready to install many types of aquariums in both commercial and residential areas. We provide installation of all required equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters and lightings.

Aqua-Scaping :
We can arrange aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, cavework, or driftwood in an aesthetically pleasing manner to form an artistic landscape within your aquarium. We aim to provide you with a gorgeous looking aquarium that you can be proud to own!

Maintenance & Cleaning :
Petzone offers aquarium cleaning or regularily scheduled professional maintenance. We will handle all the chores and technicalities necessary to allow your aquarium to function in the most desirable way!

Relocation :
Relocating an aquarium can be an extermely involved project as nearly every component of an aquatic system is delicate. Our professional staff will have your aquarium moved with all your beloved pets into their new home safely and smoothly in no time.