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  • canina-cat-milk-450g canina-cat-milk-450g

Canina Cat Milk, 450g


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Cat milk

- Can be administerd from the first day of life
- Mother's milk substitute with 15% dextrose for kittens
- No vomitting due to nearly complete lactose withdrawal, no diarrhoea
- Excellent compatibility
- No clotting
- To feed motherless kittens, as supplement feed in case of insufficient mother's milk
- To prepare for lactation (milk production of the queen), as feed supplement and to relieve the lactating queen
- As feed supplement for pedigree cats, old and ill cats

Content: 150g / 450g / 2000g

Additves per kg:

Feeding recommendation for motherless kitten (instructions in teaspoons per meal):


day of life meals per day cat milk per feeding
1st-3th day every 2 hours 10x, out of which 3 times at night 1
4th-7th day every 2 hours 10x, out of which 3 times at night 1-2
8th-9th day every 2 hours 10 times 2
10th day every 2 hours 10 times 2-3
11th-14th day every 2-3 hours 8 times 4-5
15th-21st day every 2-3 hours 8mal 5

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