Purrsonal Shopper Program

Welcome to our new Petzone Purrsonal Shopper program. A program designed to provide a customized and unique shopping experience for pet parents who want only the best products and care for their pets.

Expert Assistance
Come and meet our Pet Experts to fully understand your pet’s daily needs and long-term preferences while getting recommendations on their training, diet, and feeding schedules designed specifically for them.

Pet care with just one click
Whether you have a new born kitten, a stubborn dog or a senior pet with ailments bring them with you and our Pet Experts will provide you with their professional advice to make your shopping experience faster, easier and more convenient. Book an appointment today for just 2 KD and let’s find out how to give your pet a happier and healthier life.

Supervised grooming session
During your visit, you can even book a grooming appointment for your pet. This entire process will be under your Purrsonal Shopper’s supervision.

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Our Veterinarians

Dr. Rama Salah Suleiman

University of Science and Technology, Jordan

"As a general veterinarian, I look to establish the ideal nutritional guideline for your pets. Together we can establish their best dietary requirements and greatly improve their overall health. I have a special fondness for pets – especially birds and I believe that we can truly connect to the souls of our animal companions through love and care."

Dr. Ziad Raed

University of Science and Technology, Jordan

"My definition of success is a safe pet and a happy pet parent. I am driven by my ethics of hard work and customer satisfaction but I always remember to keep things fun and engaging. Animal welfare means everything to me and I hope to keep you and your pets happy for a long time."

Dr. Mahmoud Al Kofahi

University of Science and Technology, Jordan

"I believe being a veterinarian is not just a profession. I greatly enjoy the experience and see it as an opportunity to help, heal and save beautiful souls we humbly call pets. I am very dedicated, proficient, self-motivated and I truly believe in working hard to put a smile on the faces of your pets and their families."

Dr. Arwa Izzat

University of Science and Technology, Jordan

"Hi I’m Dr Arwa and my dedication lies solely in keeping pets and their parents happy. My areas of expertise includes nutrition, zoonotic disease and animal physiology with a keen eye on choosing the perfect grooming products for your pets."

Dr. Waleed Khalefah

University of Science and Technology, Jordan

"I am an accomplished, sympathetic, and caring veterinarian looking to utilize my skills and knowledge for the well-being of animals. I have several years of experience working with cats, dogs and pet birds. I am very passionate about animal welfare and skilled at providing advice on proper care, a healthy lifestyle, and appropriate pet nutrition in a clear and understandable manner."

Dr. Amine Hamdi

Institute of Veterinary Sciences Saad Dahleb Blida-1, Algeria

"A dedicated veterinarian with a deep love for animals and super committed to their well-being. With years of experience in veterinary medicine, I strive to provide the highest quality care for all my patients. My key focus will be on building a strong rapport with pet owners to cultivate trust, satisfaction and to ensure they have all their specific questions answered."

Dr. Moknine Abdeslem

Institute of Veterinary Sciences Saad Dahleb Blida-1, Algeria

"A veterinarian with a deep love for animal welfare, keen on providing optimal care to all pets. I focus on developing a deep bond with pet owners to ensure long-term health and wellness for their pets. I stay up-to-date with advancements in veterinary science in order to provide the best possible care for your pet."

Dr. Mellissa Aggad

Institute of Veterinary Sciences Saad Dahleb Blida-1, Algeria

"A passionate veterinarian with years of experience in the field of pet care. Having a special interest in small animals and committed to providing the best treatment for all animals. I always focus on building a strong relationship with pet owners to ensure the optimal health and well-being of their beloved companions."

Dr. Abdullah Maghari

University of Science and Technology, Jordan

"I would describe myself as a patient, positive and very determined veterinarian and I’m eager to continually improve myself both professionally and personally. I love my work and I love pets and have a special interest in the psychological and behavioral side of pet care. I hope to see every pet happy, behaved and well-trained."

Dr. Hichem Hocine

University IBN KHOLDOUN Tiaret, Algeria

"I am a veterinarian who prides himself on having a deep sense of commitment to your pet. I’m well-versed and knowledgeable on feeding recommendations, dietary requirements and all-round pet health. Together, I hope we can find exactly what your pet needs to stay happy, healthy and full of life."

Dr. Hicham Imarazan

National Veterinary School of Sidi Thabet, Tunisia

"An accomplished veterinarian with a passion for animal welfare and a desire to serve his community. I’m devoted to providing exceptional care for my clients and their pets. As a Pet Advisor, I gained a deeper knowledge towards pet care and have provided invaluable advice and guidance. I’m known for my outgoing personality and professional demeanor with an unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of all animals."

Dr. Mariam Abid

National Veterinary School of Sidi Thabet, Tunisia

"When consulting our Pet owners, I focus on how to provide their pets with the utmost care taking their own schedules into account. I’m a client orientated vet with experience in pet clinics and as a medical representative. As one of our most trusted members of the Petzone team – I remain steadfast in giving our Pet parents exactly what they need.


Dr. Youcef Imed

Higher National Veterinary School of Algiers, Algeria

"As a vet, my devotion to my work is matched only by my strong love for animals of all kinds. I am capable of keeping you and your pet comfortable no matter the situation and I am proficient at teaching both new and experienced pet parents how to better understand their beloved companion to foster stronger, lifetime bonds."



Terms & Conditions:

  • By using this Service, the User agrees to the below terms and conditions
  • The Service provides pet nutrition, behavior, and related recommendations by the Purrsonal Shoppers
  • Purrsonal Shoppers may recommend suitable products but cannot perform medical procedures, diagnose medical conditions, or prescribe medication
  • Petzone is not responsible for the accuracy of the advice and recommendations provided during this Service
  • The User must provide accurate information about their pets and follow the advice given
  • The User must not be late by more than 15 minutes or the appointment will be cancelled
  • Petzone owns all intellectual property rights of the Purrsonal Shopper Service
  • Petzone may modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice