Super Bird Seagrass Tent

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The Seagrass Tent bird toy is a great option for small to medium sized birds. Constructed using two seagrass mats that are connected and suspended by colorful bumpy links. Your bird will enjoy peeking out of this chewable "see-thru" shelter that will provide a sense of hiding in the jungle canopy.

  • Green seagrass mat creates canopy shelter effect and sense of security
  • Flat mat bottom allows feet to rest
  • Great alternative swing or hideaway for birds with perching handicaps

Give your bird an alternative perch with this simple seagrass hut. She'll have plenty of ventilation yet can hide out when she wants. Seagrass hideaway features a simple design: a seagrass mat tented over a smaller seagrass mat, for your bird to stand on. It's all held together with plastic pieces to chew. Seagrass construction is also chewable and hangs from a plastic ring to give your bird the swinging sensations she craves. 9" x 7" x 5" tall. Recommended for parakeets, lovebirds, small conures, cockatiels, and similar-sized birds.