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  • manitoba-lovebirds-parakeets-food-1-kg manitoba-lovebirds-parakeets-food-1-kg

Manitoba Lovebirds & Parakeets Food, 1 Kg


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  • Brand: Manitoba
  • Lovebirds & Parakeets Food
  • Size: 1 Kg

The Lovebirds belong to the genus Agapornis which in Greek means birds of love (as well as in English Lovebird). The common name of Inseparables comes from the deep harmony that binds the members of the couple. They are sociable birds that do not lead a solitary life in freedom, constituting in fact real families ranging from 5 to 20 subjects. Couples remain couples for life. They live for 10 to 15 years.Agapornis Parakeets is specially formulated to meet the nutritional, qualitative and granulometric needs (grains and seeds) of these splendid parakeets, furthermore the already varied composition is enriched by the inclusion of 5% of NectarManitoba.NectarManitoba is a concentrate of nutrients with a high biological value. Heat dextrinized wheat starch, eggs and vegetable protein extracts rich in amino acids, macro and trace elements, minerals and vitamins.

Composition: White millet,Dakota mile,Canary seed,Red millet,Oats,Safflower,Buckwheat,Paddy rice,White oats,Japanese millet,Hemp,Wheat,Oyster shells,It also contains 5% of NectarManitoba *

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