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Montana Finca II Play


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Montana Finka II Play Parrot Cage - Stone The perfect home for your precious parrot, the Finka II Play is a fantastic new birdcage from the superb 'Classic Line' by parrot-specialists Montana Cages. Due to the close positioning of the wire bars, this great cage is perfect for large parakeets and small parrots. Your parrot will not feel enclosed in this spacious environment. The Finka II Play provides plenty of space for your parrot to stretch it's wings, play and exercise. The 65 x 61 x 176cm dimensions of the cage mean that there is more than enough room for you to attach multiple perches and as many toys as your parrot may want. Vertical and horizontal bars make it easy for your parrot to climb up, down and across and makes it simple to add attachments. This superb designer cage also comes with a huge 'play top' featuring two perches and two ladders. This is a good feature when cleaning a cage or temporarily separating birds as it allows your parrot to remain close to it's cage where it may feel safe whilst still having the freedom to stretch it's wings outside of the cage. A large cage door is a great feature afforded by the size of the Finka II Play. A large door means that cleaning the cage, attaching new toys and access for your parrot has never been so easy - no more tricky manoeuvring! The stainless steel feeding cups are long lasting, easy to clean and simple to change with the swing-out feeding system. A cage skirt (debris catcher) around the base of the cage helps to prevent mess reaching the surrounding floor, saving you cleaning time. A removable, sliding excrement grate, a strong seed drawer and a catch basin make the upkeep of your parrot simple! No longer will you need to open the cage and let your parrot loose to clean it. 

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