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  • pavo-colostrum-150g pavo-colostrum-150g
  • pavo-colostrum-150g pavo-colostrum-150g

Pavo Colostrum, 150g


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  • Brand : Pavo
  • Colostrum
  • Size : 150g
  • Provides the newborn foal with antibodies to protect against infection
  • Helps the foal to build resistance and vitality in a natural way
  • Stimulates intestinal function
  • Long storage life

Foals do not receive antibodies from their mothers via the placenta and are thus born without any essential infection fighting antibodies in their blood. It is of vital importance that the foal receives antibody containing colostrum, preferably from its mother during the first 8 hours after birth. After this time the foal’s ability to absorb antibodies starts to decrease and the foal is no longer able to absorb the antibodies at 24 hours after birth. The antibodies the foal receives via colostrum protect the newborn foal from infection during the first months after birth.

Application :
- For orphan foals
- For foals whose mother has insufficient or no colostrum
- In case of antigen imcompatibility between mare and foal (neonatal isoerythrolysis)

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