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  • pavo-performance-20-kg pavo-performance-20-kg
  • pavo-performance-20-kg pavo-performance-20-kg

Pavo Performance, 20 Kg


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  • Brand: Pavo
  • Performance
  • Size: 20 Kg
  • For competition horses during hard training
  • Maximum endurance
  • Disrupt muscle functions
  • High quality sports pellets
  • Maximum endurance
  • Valuable proteins for the muscles
  • Rich in magnesium and electrolytes
  • With natural vitamin E and natural antioxidants
  • Contains easily digestible fibers
  • With prebiotics for a healthy gastrointestinal flora

                Pavo Performance has been specially developed to give sports horses maximum endurance and a super-fit, shiny appearance. Horses that must perform at the highest level (energy level 3) have, among other things, an increased need for energy and protein. Thanks to the unique composition of this sports feed, (top) sports horses can derive their energy for long-term exertion mainly from healthy fibers and fats rather than from sugar and starch-rich sources, such as grains. In this way, the top horse gets all the building blocks it needs to perform optimally without the risk of getting hot!

                Natural Vitamin E
                Did you know that horses can not take advantage of synthetic vitamin E in quantities? There is a maximum after which the feed is no longer meaningful to give. Pavo Performance therefore contains natural vitamin E and natural antioxidants that are completely absorbed and are therefore much more effective. These two together support the sports horse's muscles and help the body to remove the slag products faster from the muscles and thus avoid muscle soreness or lactic acid.

                Electrolytes for faster recovery
                Since sport horses not only sweat in the summer, but all year round when they train hard, Pavo Performance also contains electrolytes. Electrolytes are body salts, such as sodium, chloride and potassium, which are lost through sweat. These nutrients are important to replenish, as they play an important role in recovery and for well-functioning muscles.

                Healthy gastrointestinal flora
                The Pavo Performance sports feed contains very easily digestible fiber from grass and beet pulp. The added prebiotic has many positive properties that support good digestion and a stable intestinal flora.

                Pavo Performance is suitable for:

                • All disciplines
                • Nervous and hot horses and / or under stressful conditions
                • Sports horses that work intensively (energy level 3)

                How intensively you train your horse helps determine how much energy your horse needs to cope with the work. Pavo Performance is suitable for energy level 3:

                Energy level 3: Approx. 1 hour training per. day every day, with 14 minutes of walking, 23 minutes of trotting and 10 minutes of galloping

                Daily Recommendation

                Recommended daily amount for high intensity (energy level 3): 0.45 kg per 100 kg body weight. Horse (600 kg): 2-3 kg, pony (300 kg): 1-1.5 kg
                Energy level 3: approx. 1 hour training per. day every day, with 14 minutes of walking, 23 minutes of trotting and 10 minutes of galloping
                The daily amount depends i.a. of labor intensity, as well as roughage quantity and quality

                Analytical constituents

                Energy (DE) 11.7 MJ/kg
                Energy (EWpa) 0.94 EWpa
                Energy (ME) 9.9 MJ/kg
                Crude protein 15,0 %
                Crude fat 9,5 %
                Crude fiber 11 %
                Raw ash 10,0 %
                Sugar 7,0 %
                Starch 18,5 %
                Calcium 1,1 %
                Phosphor 0,45 %
                sodium 0,75 %
                Potassium 1,3 %
                Magnesium 0,75 %

                Minerals and trace elements (per kg)

                Copper 65 mg
                Iron 120 mg
                Zink 260 mg
                Mangan 165 mg
                Selen 0,8 mg
                iodine 1,0 mg


                Water must always be available
                450g pr. 100 kg body weight per day

                Vitaminindhold (pr. Kg)

                Vitamin A. 15.000 IE
                D3-vitamin 2.500 IE
                Vitamin E 432 mg
                K3-vitamin 3.5 mg
                B1-vitamin 38 mg
                B2-vitamin 15 mg
                Niacinamide 30 mg
                Pantotesyre 21 mg
                B6-vitamins 10 mg
                D-Biotin 525 mcg
                Folic acid 8 mg


                see stamp


                Wheat bran fine
                Sunflower slant
                Soy peels
                Wet beet slices
                Soya oil
                Soja(bùnne)skrø, toasted
                Calcium carbonate
                Magnesium Oxide
                beer yeast

                Storage instructions

                The feed must be stored cool, dry and dark. The packaging must be closed again after use

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