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  • pavo-podo-start-20-kg pavo-podo-start-20-kg

Pavo Podo Start, 20 Kg


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  • Brand: Pavo
  • Podo Start
  • Size: 20 Kg
  • Contains the proven Podo concept
  • High magnesium content and copper, zinc and manganese in easily absorbable form for undisturbed bone growth
  • 5 mm kibble, easily absorbed by the young foal
  • All important vitamins for balanced and even growth

Pavo Podo Start (5mm chunk) is not only rich in high-quality proteins (essential amino acids), but also provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your young foal needs. It provides a good basis for the transition from mare's milk to solid food. Extra magnesium supports rapid bone growth during the growth spurt and copper, zinc and manganese in easily absorbable form ensure undisturbed bone growth. For responsible growth of the young foal, from 3 weeks up to the age of 8 months.

Contains :
Wheat feed
Soya (bean), extracted, toasted
Maize / Corn
Lucerne (alfalfa)
Soya hulls
Cane Molasses
Soybean oil
Calcium carbonate
Sodium chloride
Monocalcium phosphate

Vitamin levels (per kg)
Vitamin A 18.750 IE
Vitamin D3 3.000 IE
Vitamin E 300 mg
Vitamin K3 8 mg
Vitamin B1 25 mg
Vitamin B2 30 mg
Vitamin B6 15 mg
Vitamin B12 200 mcg
Pantothenic acid 23 mg
Choline 565 mg
Folin 15 mg
D-Biotin 700 mcg

Energy (DE) 12.8 MJ/kg
Energy (EWpa) 0,89 EWpa
Dig. crude protein 135 gr/ kg
Crude protein 0.17
Crude fat 0.05
Crude fibre 0.09
Crude ash 0.09
Sugar 0.11
Starch 0.2
Lysine 8 g
Methionine 3 mg

Feeding prescription
- Average recommended feeding advice for foals per 100 kg body weight per day from the 3rd week of life:
- 1st month: 150 grams
- 2nd month: 200 grams
- 3rd month: 250 grams
- 4th month: 300 grams
- 5th month: 350 grams
- 6th month: 400 grams
- From the 6th month of life, gradually switch to Pavo Podo Grow

Feed scoop content : One Pavo feed scoop Pavo PodoStart contains approximately 1.2 kg.

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