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  • pavo-sos-kit-1-5-kg pavo-sos-kit-1-5-kg
  • pavo-sos-kit-1-5-kg pavo-sos-kit-1-5-kg

Pavo SOS Kit 1.5 kg


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Contents of this S.O.S. Kit :
2 sachets of Pavo Colostrum for foals (contents 150 g per sachet)
1 sachet of Pavo Foal Milk (contents 1500 g per sachet)
1 feeding bottle with teat
Directions for use of the Pavo S.O.S. Kit
Step 1: preparing 1 litre of foal milk :-
1. Take a pan with a capacity of at least 1 litre.
2. Put 300 ml of cold water in the pan.
3. Top this up with 400 ml of boiling water. This gives you 700 ml of water with a temperature of around 60°C.
4. Add 1 scoop (= 100 grams) of Pavo Foal Milk powder and stir until completely dissolved.
5. Add 300 ml of cold water, stirring constantly. This gives you 1 litre of lukewarm foal milk (temperature around 40°C).
Step 2: Preparing Colostrum :-
• Stirring constantly, add the entire contents of one Pavo Colostrum sachet (= 150 grams) to 1 litre of lukewarm foal milk. Stir until completely dissolved.

Step 3: Administering Colostrum
• Cut off the tip of the teat with a pair of scissors. This creates a small opening through which the foal can suck the milk.
• Administer around 250 ml of lukewarm colostrum (around 40°C every hour using the enclosed bottle and teat.

- Use the Pavo S.O.S. kit immediately after the birth of the foal if there are problems with the mare's milk supply (preferably within the first 3 hours, no later than 12 hours after birth).
- To be absolutely safe, request a complete health check of your foal by your vet within 24 hours of birth.
- We recommend heating the milk or keeping the milk warm "au bain marie". The "au bain marie" method is heating something in or above warm water.
- Take a large pan or bowl with a minimum content of 1liter and put this in or above a larger pan with hot water. The "au bain marie" method prevents curdling or scorching.

- Never use the microwave to warm the colostrum. The anti-bodies in the colostrum can loose their protective qualities because of high temperatures. It is okay to warm the foal milk in a microwave.

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