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  • petsafe-anti-bark-ultrasonic-collar petsafe-anti-bark-ultrasonic-collar
  • petsafe-anti-bark-ultrasonic-collar petsafe-anti-bark-ultrasonic-collar
  • petsafe-anti-bark-ultrasonic-collar petsafe-anti-bark-ultrasonic-collar

Petsafe Anti Bark Ultrasonic Collar


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  • Controlls excessive or nuisance barking
  • Behaviourally activated
  • For dogs over 3.6 kg
  • Low battery indicator
  • Water resistant


Product Description

PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar

The Ultrasonic Bark Control is behaviourally activated and emits an ultrasonic tone when its microphone detects barking. Startled by the tone which is inaudible to most humans, the dog should stop barking. The water resistant collar is suitable for use with dogs over 3.6 kg.

For a dog that’s happy to be quiet
Ultrasonic, Bark Control, Collar
Does my dog need Bark Control?

Dogs bark for many different reasons but in most cases barking serves as a form of communication. Dog owners will generally recognise four different types of bark; warning, alarm, playful and need. For instance continuous fast barking is a warning, perhaps alerting that someone is entering their home territory, whereas long, drawn-out barks at a high pitch, with pauses between each one indicate that a dog is in need and is possibly lonely. It is important for dog owners to try to establish why their dog is barking. Some barking may be completely normal, such as when someone knocks at the front door, but other barking may be associated with behavioural problems such as separation anxiety. Bark Control systems should not be used on dogs whose barking is a consequence of an anxiety or stress related condition.

How it works

The PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control collar effectively deters barking when it is worn. When the microphone picks up the sound of your dog’s bark, the unit emits an ultrasonic tone that can be heard by your dog, but is silent to most humans. Startled by the high-pitched tone, the dog should stop barking, as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise.

Introducing your dog to a Bark Control system

It is the ability of the stimulation to ‘interrupt’ a dog’s barking that makes these systems such valuable social tools. However, because of this response it is important that these systems are introduced slowly and carefully according to the instructions for each product.

Training Systems ‘Tips’

Bark Control systems are behaviourally activated. This means that the dog can avoid unpleasant stimulation by adjusting his behaviour. The dog controls the stimulation - not the owner. Ultimately the dog learns not to bark and avoid stimulation completely.

Example breeds

The Ultrasonic Bark Control and can be used with ‘Extra small’ dogs (over 3.6 kg) up to ‘Extra-large’ dogs. Example breeds include: Extra small – Miniature breeds Small – Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier, Medium – Border Collie, Spaniel, Large – Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd and Extra Large – Giant breeds and oversized dogs.

Key features
  • For dogs over 3.6 kg
  • Water-resistant
  • Fits neck sizes up to 71 cm
  • Low battery indicator
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Freephone: 0800 046 14 14

Box Contains

Bark Control Unit
  • Adjustable Nylon Collar
  • Two 3-Vold Lithium batteries
  • Operating guide

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