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  • spectrum-slim34-adult-cat-food-2-kg spectrum-slim34-adult-cat-food-2-kg

Spectrum Slim34 Adult Cat Food, 2 Kg


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  • Brand: Spectrum
  • Slim34 Adult Cat Food
  • Size: 2 Kg

SPECTRUM Slim34 aims to control your cat's weight gain with soluble fiber content and ideal calorie level. It regulates food consumption by extending the satiety period. Thus, it helps prevent obesity.

APPEAL CONTROL : SPECTRUM Slim34 soluble fiber content suppresses your cat's desire to consume constant food and prevents unbalanced nutrition.

CELL PROTECTION : With its proper energy level and soluble fiber content, SPECTRUM Slim34 prevents unwanted weight gain and contributes to its longer life.

HEALTHY URINARY SYSTEM : Problems related to kidney and urinary system health are more common in neutered cats. Spectrum Slim 34 protects your cat's urinary system health with its ideal protein level / quality, mineral (such as Ca, P, Na, K) level and ideal vitamin C and D content.

PROTECTING SKIN AND FEATHER HEALTH : SPECTRUM Slim34 protects the health of the skin and feathers by increasing the resistance of the skin and feathers with the marine phospholipids it contains.

INGREDIENTS:   Dried chicken protein, brown rice, corn, corn gluten, dried sugar cane fiber, chicken fat, dried fish protein, wheat, dried antarctic krill (euphausia superba) (4%), hydrolyzed chicken liver protein, carob meal, brewer's yeast , DL-methionine, blueberry, yucca-schidigera, fructo-oligosaccharide (600 ppm), L-carnitine, rosemary (rosmarinus sp.) - turmeric (curcuma sp.) - grape seed (vitis sp.) Citrus (citrus sp.) ), clove (clove)

Crude Protein  34% Vitamin A (E672)

18000 IU / kg

Raw oil %12 Vitamin D3 (E671)

 1500 IU / kg

Ash   8% Vitamin E (3A700)

200 mg / kg

Crude Fiber   7% Vitamin C (Stay C)

200 mg / kg

    Iron (E1)

200 mg / kg

ADDITIVES Iodine (E2): 1,5 mg / kg, Copper (E4): 18 mg / kg, Manganese (E5): 70 mg / kg, Zinc (E6): 180 mg / kg, Selenium (E8) 0, 3 mg / kg Preservatives - Antioxidants.

WEIGHT OF YOUR CAT  2 kg 3 kg 4 kg 5 kg 6 kg 7 kg 8 kg 9 kg 10 kg
B- Normal  33 g 49 g 65 g  82 g  98 g  114 g  131 g  147 g  163 g 
C- Overweight       68 g 82 g  95 g  109 g  123 g  136 g 

FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS and WARNINGS: • See the table for the recommended daily feeding amount (grams / day) according to your cat's weight (kg) and silhouette (A- Underweight, B- Normal, C-Overweight). • The amount of food to be given daily may vary depending on outdoor temperature, living conditions of your cat (inside / outside the house), temperament and activity. • It is important to weigh the amount of food in order for your cat to have the ideal weight. • Evaluating your cat's appetite, appearance and stool will help in setting the correct amount of food to be given. • Switching from one formula to the next should be done by gradually introducing small amounts of both foods over a week after mixing. • Always keep clean and fresh water near the food container. Even if the water looks clear, change it at least once a day. • Store the product in a dry and cool place and make sure that the packaging is closed well after each use. • You can see the recommended consumption date, batch code and factory approval number on the package.


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