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  • tropical-cichlid-color-colour-enhancing-flakes-food-for-cichlid-fish-100g tropical-cichlid-color-colour-enhancing-flakes-food-for-cichlid-fish-100g

Tropical Cichlid Color Colour-Enhancing Flakes Food for Cichlid Fish, 50g


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  • Brand: Tropical
  • Cichlid Color Food
  • Colour-Enhancing Flakes For Cichlid Fish
  • Size: 50g 
  • CICHLID COLOR colour-enhancing flakes for cichlids.

CICHLID COLOR is a colour-enhancing flake food with high content of protein for everyday feeding of omnivorous and carnivorous cichlids, including many species of Malawi cichlids. The addition of nettle facilitates metabolism and proper functioning of pancreas and liver. The immunity system is enhanced by a strong, natural immune stimulator – beta-glucan – and stabilised vitamin C. Intensive, bright coloration is the effect of natural carotenoids from krill and algae, including spirulina. Regular feeding with CICHLID COLOR, characterised by a wide variety of nutrients, guarantees fish's excellent health and condition as well as splendid coloration.

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