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  • vitalis-rift-lake-green-cichlid-pellets-food-140g vitalis-rift-lake-green-cichlid-pellets-food-140g
  • vitalis-rift-lake-green-cichlid-pellets-food-140g vitalis-rift-lake-green-cichlid-pellets-food-140g

Vitalis Rift Lake Green Cichlid Pellets Food, 140g


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  • Brand: Vitalis
  • Rift Lake Green Cichlid Pellets
  • Size: 140g
  • Pellet Size : 1.5mmØ
  • Formulated for the herbivorous cichlid species of the African Rift Lakes, including:  Tropheus and many Mbuna species - Labeotropheus, Labidochromis, Melanochromis, Metriaclima and Pseudotropheus Tropheus.

Our Rift Lake Green American Cichlid Pellets deliver a palatable and highly digestible balanced feed. They are a complete pet food for fish. Designed for the lower protein requirements of herbivorous cichlid species from the African Rift Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi. Rift Lake Green Cichlid Pellets incorporate a unique blend of nutrient rich algae and spirulina. The natural pigments of our key ingredients also help to support a healthy colouration in your fish. Each of our pellet diets are soft for ease of digestion and designed to sink slowly in water. This is to encourage a natural feeding experience for fish.

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