Pawise Kitty Roundabout 26cm

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 The Pawise Kitty Roundabout Cat Toy is a fun and interactive play toy that will keep your cat engaged for hours. 

This cat toy will attract your cat's attention with the yellow ball inside the roundabout. 

You cat can push the ball and watch it goes round and round inside the roundabout, then try to bat the ball to stop it and repeat the process. 

The Kitty Roundabout also comes with a catnip-filled bird toy on a spring that your cat will love to chew, kick and bop. 

You can also pull the bird toy backwards and let go and watch as your cat tries to stalk the dangling bird as a prey to satisfy his hunting instincts. 

So much fun and excitement, the Pawise Kitty Roundabout is sure to alleviate boredom and stimulate your cat's playtime. 

The Pawise Kitty Roundabout Cat Toy comes in three colours to choose from - Blue, Green and Red. 

Product Dimensions: 26 cm (diameter)