Kong Classic Dog Toy - Small

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  • Brand: Kong
  • Classic Dog Toy
  • Size: Small
  • All natural, puncture resistant rubber
  • Recommended for all dogs
  • Super bouncy and chewer friendly
  • Cleans teeth, conditions gums
  • Recommended by Veterinarians, Trainers & Dog Professionals
  • Color: Red

Why KONG Toys Rule
So, how do KONG toys benefit dogs? First and foremost, they help keep dogs occupied and mentally stimulated while their Pet Parents are away. KONG toys have a hollow center to stuff with tasty treats that require skill and persistence to get to. They are nearly indestructible; although, a select few particularly gregarious dogs have had destructive success. KONG toys have an unpredictable bounce that has been known to cause spontaneous eruptions in playtime fun. Regular use of KONG toys can also improve oral health.

Available in four sizes:

Small = 7cm H x 4cm W - For dogs up to 10Kg

Medium =  9cm H x 6cm W - For dogs up to 16Kg

Large =  12cm H x 8cm W - For dogs up to 30Kg

X Large =  15cm H x 10cm W - For dogs up to 40Kg