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  • intersand-exclusive-black-label-cat-litter-15-kg intersand-exclusive-black-label-cat-litter-15-kg

Intersand Exclusive Black Label Cat Litter, 15 Kg


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  • Brand: Intersand
  • Exclusive Black Label Cat Litter
  • Size: 15 Kg
  • Medium grain cat litter with baby powder scent
  • 320% powerful absorbency
  • Optimal odor control
  • Economical through clumping
  • 15 Kg Cat Litter Exclusive correspond to about 42 kg of conventional litter.
Medium grain sized litter - Ideal for long haired cats. Absorbs 320% of its weight in liquid and offers low dust level
Composition: 100% Wyoming Sodium Bentonite
Colour: Light Grey
Particle size: 1 – 3mm
Clumping power: Spherical clumps of excellent consistency

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