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  • padovan-erbagatta-cat-grass padovan-erbagatta-cat-grass

Padovan Erbagatta Cat Grass


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  • Brand: Padovan
  • Erbagatta Cat Grass
  • Grass for growing at home
  • which helps to eliminate swallowed hair
  • thereby preventing possible intestinal blockage

Cats love to eat certain fresh grasses that often help improve the functioning of their immune system. When swallowed hair from cleaning causes irritation to the stomach mucosae, fresh grass helps cats to regurgitate the balls of fur.

​Remove the bag of seeds from the container and put two centimetres of substrate to one side. Evenly distribute the seeds over the whole surface and then cover them with the substrate set aside. Gently tamp the whole surface and dampen with two glasses of water, taking care not to move the seeds. Place the box in a place with plenty of light at approx. 18/20° C, keeping the substrate moist. The seeds will sprout after a few days and when the grass is approx. eight centimetres high it can be put at the disposal of your cat.

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