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  • pelu-cresp-fur-remover-lint-roller-10-60 pelu-cresp-fur-remover-lint-roller-10-60

Pelu Cresp Fur-remover Lint roller, 10/60


SKU: 8023039120008

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AED 31.50

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  • Brand: Pelu
  • Cresp Fur-remover Lint roller
  • Size: 10/60
  • Cleans and removes hair, dust, lint, etc.
  • Excellent results even on the most delicate fabrics.

  • This is the best lint roller chosen by the professional sectors of laundries and tailor’s workshops.

This roller is produced with Italian adhesive crepe paper of the best quality.It is perfect to be used under colder and warmer climate conditions.The dirty adhesive sheet is easily peeled off.Length: 10 meters, 60 perforated adhesive sheets.

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