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  • tropical-shrimp-guard-water-conditioner-for-shrimp-tanks-30ml tropical-shrimp-guard-water-conditioner-for-shrimp-tanks-30ml

Tropical Shrimp Guard - Water Conditioner for Shrimp Tanks, 30ml


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  • Brand: Tropical
  • Shrimp Guard
  • Water Conditioner for Shrimp Tanks
  • Size: 30ml

CRUSTA GUARD preparation for conditioning tap water in tanks with crustaceans. Preparation for conditioning tap water intended for breeding shrimps and other freshwater crustaceans. Particularly recommended for starting new tanks and for changing water in already existing tanks.

CRUSTA GUARD neutralizes heavy metal salts, which are dangerous to crustaceans, alleviates stress and facilitates acclimatization of crustaceans to new living conditions. Colloids protect crustaceans against aggressive substances present in tap water. Inositol stimulates growth and enhances crustaceans' vitality, alleviating moulting process and encouraging them to spawn. D-panthenol (provitamin B5) regulates crustaceans' metabolism and enhances the regeneration of epidermis, which is particularly important during moulting period. 

DOSAGE: 20 ml/100 litres of water.

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