Butchers Natural & Healthy Game Chucks In Jelly, 400g

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  • Brand: Butchers
  • Natural & Healthy Game Chucks In Jelly
  • Size: 400g

Butcher's Natural & Healthy is an appetizing cat food, prepared from natural ingredients, enriched with taurine for a healthy heart. As cute as it is, we all know how picky cats can be when it comes to their meals. Taking care of our little ones, we use our knowledge and experience in the field of pet food production, which is why we have created delicious meals that your cat will love.

Ingredients: meat and animal products (48%, of which game 9%, fresh 23%) minerals

Preparation and use

Feeding recommendation: ¾ - 1 can a day in 2-3 separate meals (on the example of a cat weighing 4 kg). The above data is indicative only, the dosage depends on the breed and activity of the cat. Fresh drinking water should be available at all times. Serve at room temperature.


Store in a dry and dark place.