GimCat Shinycat Chicken With Shrimps & Malt In Jelly, 70g

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  • Brand : Gimcat
  • Shinycat Chicken With Shrimps & Malt In Jelly For Cats 
  • Size : 70g
  • Complementary feed for Cats

ShinyCat flavored chicken with shrimp and malt jelly contains a delicious and balanced meal for your cat. A mono-portion gastronomic delight made with high-quality ingredients, secure excellent palatability and digestibility. The format 70g canned tear, it is also extremely practical and convenient as it is the amount of food equivalent to the daily meal of an adult cat avoiding, in this way, to leave food scraps in the bowl or in the refrigerator. 

Chicken (45.4%), malt extract (4%), shrimp (3.4%), potassium chloride.