Giuntini Crancy Biscotti Plus Mini, 100g

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  • Brand: Giuntini
  • Crancy Biscotti Plus Mini
  • Size: 100g
  • Complementary feed for small and medium-sized dogs

All dogs need to chew hard biscuits to have strong and healthy teeth. Crancy biscuits, enriched with calcium and minerals, are a valid aid for the oral hygiene of your four-legged friend. With all the goodness of chicken and vegetables from the garden, but without dyes, this delicious treat helps to maintain the correct levels of selenium, useful in countering common oxidative processes.

Composition: Cereals, By-products of vegetable origin, Vegetables (Pea 3.5%, Carrot 2.3%, Tomato 2.3%, Spinach 1%), Sugars, Oils and fats, Meat and derivatives (Chicken, 4.5% hydrolyzed proteins ), Minerals, Turmeric, Yeasts.

Analytical components
Crude protein: 13%; Crude oils and fats: 12%; Crude fiber: 2.9%; Crude ash: 4.4%; Calcium: 0.9%; Phosphorus: 0.35%

Nutritional additives
Vitamin A: 6,000 IU / kg; Vitamin D3: 600 IU / kg; Vitamin E: 60 mg / kg; Vitamin B1: 2.3 mg / kg; Vitamin B2: 5.2 mg / kg; Vitamin B6: 1.4 mg / kg; Vitamin B12: 1.9 mg / kg; Vitamin H (Biotin): 0.01 mg / kg; Vitamin PP (Niacin): 11 mg / kg; B.C. D-Pantothenic: 9 mg / kg; Folic Acid: 17.5 mg / kg; Choline chloride: 70 mg / kg; E6 Zinc: 10 mg / kg; 3b8.10 Organic form of selenium produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 (Sel-Plex®): 0.1 mg / kg.

Instructions for correct use
Serve the product as it is. Always leave a bowl of fresh water available to the dog. Keep in a cool and dry place.

Recommended daily rations
Small size up to 5 cookies,
Medium size up to 10 cookies.