Patimax Bentonite + Zeolite Cat Litter Baby Powder, 12L

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  • Brand: Patimax
  • Bentonite + Zeolite Cat Litter Baby Powder
  • Size: 12L
  • Capture odour and liquid very quickly preventing germs from breeding at home
  • Eco-friendly and also safe for you and your cat
  • High Liquid Absorption Power and fast clumping
  • Low dust formula provides cleaner air and cleaner surfaces
  • Lasts at least 2 times longer than traditional cat litters
Usage Instructions:

Depending on the depth of your cat litter tray, fill it with up to 5 to 7 cm of this product.

Remove the clumped waste from the tray, using o trowel, on a daily basis.

Once a week, add more litter on the tray, in an amount equal to that removed as waste.

Once a month, empty the litter tray and disinfect it..

Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards with soap and water, prevent any foodstuff from coming into contact with the cat litter tray.