Zolux Nutrimeal Complete Food For Canaries

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  • Brand: Zolux
  • Nutrimeal Complete Food For Canaries
  • Top-quality product that delivers nutritious and healthy food for your pets
  • Sumptuous tasting dish that will be loved by your pets
  • Convenient feeding, allows direct consumption form the packet

Standard Nutrimeal Whole Foods, specially designed for the daily feeding of cage and aviary birds, offer a blend of flavors, colors and textures that will stimulate and delight delicate beaks. Airtight and zipped bag in a nitrogen atmosphere thus preserving the food from any intrusion by insects and ensuring the preservation of their nutritional qualities. Ideal for canaries, this mixture composed of canary seed cereals (60%), rapeseed and enriched with vitamins will provide your animal with an excellent source of protein.