Our Promise

Petzone is Kuwait’s premier pet retail and distribution company. Our reputation has grown tremendously over the years with a growing team and a sharpened focus on many exciting goals ahead. We offer a wide selection of high-standard pet supplies, services, solutions, and expertise to improve pet care while providing pet owners with the best leading international brands in the market. The pillars of Petzone have stayed the same – gradual and active expansions with the same standards and quality, developing brand awareness for supply partners, enhancing a polished and refined e-commerce presence, and committing to social causes relating to animals and pets. With more than 11 years of experience in the pet industry led by market experts and a respected team of veterinarians, only a few companies can compare the quality and premium service Petzone provides for pets and pet owners alike. Fueled by this drive and commitment, Petzone remains eager to showcase its massive potential and serve our customers all across the region.

Our Team

Here at Petzone, we recruit people who share our values, maintain strong relationships, and bring new ideas to the table. We are constantly striving to deliver the best products along with the best service – and we aim to grow and improve every day. Our diverse teams are passionate about finding new ways to satisfy pets, their owners, and the industry at large. Expect a variety of opportunities in our pet-loving, hard-working workplaces as you begin your new career journey with us.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to answer any query and put you in touch with our pet experts.

500+ Brands

We provide access to hundreds of trusted brands to build the best possible collection of pet products.

48 Locations

With 14 retail stores and 30 outlets in Kuwait, 3 stores in UAE, and 1 store in Bahrain, you can locate us at your convenience.

Customer Experience

Petzone is always dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience through all our services.

Our Locations