Montana Freisitz New Moonlite - 502C - 103L x 74W x 180H cm

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In rectilinear Bauhaus style presents the New Moon Lite. Ladders offer many climbing opportunities for your feathered friend. This open-seat model has the same unique surface treatment such as the well-known Montana bird cages. The successor of our classic free seat including perches, two stainless steel bowls, drip apron, removable Kotgitter and three conductors. At various loops you can attach beautiful toys. (Delivery without decoration) Expert tip: Replace the wood perches by ramifying branches nature and thereby increase the attractiveness of our "Stand-Line". Using this you can, for example, wood from fruit trees or the commercially available Java perches of especially hard wood coffee. Size (WxDxH): approx 85 x 54 x 180 cm (without apron) about 103 x 74 x 180 cm (with apron) Weight: 26 kgSuitable for: - all medium and large parrots The above values ​​are approximate! changes or deviations are here because of the production possible. We ask to consider that an accurate indication of these units is unfortunately not possible.