Pawise Rome II Cat Scratching Post, 40L x 40W x 109H cm

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  • Brand: Pawise
  • Rome II Cat Scratching Post
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 108cm 

Give your cat the best of both worlds with the Pawise Rome II cat scratching post. With a plush base and a 'su-purr' scratchy post, your cat will be scratching to their heart's content. Made from durable materials, these scratchers are a match for the claws of even the most aggressive of kitties. 

This scratching post has a plush little hidey hole at the base, perfect for cats who like to hide out. They can easily jump on top of this unit and scratch one of the four rough posts. It has two extra landings on different levels so your cat can get the best vantage points in the room, everytime. Scratchers are ideal for all cats and will encourage them to leave your furniture alone - finally, you can claim back the couch. No more unwanted scratches or ruined clothes, this scratcher will be your cat's new favourite toy. 

Subtle in appearance, the beige, brown and cream colours will fit nicely into any home. This particular scratching post has a 5-sided base and cylindrical posts which means it will fit nicely into any corner.