MidWest Replacement Crate Pan, Assorted Size

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SKU# SKU_M0016
  • Brand : Midwest
  • Pan made out of durable
  • Easy to clean ABS plastic
  • Fits LifeStages models 1624, 1624DD & Ultima Pro crate model 724UP
  • Sizes Available  : 18", 22", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"
MidWest Replacement Pans are made of durable, odor-resistant, polypropylene plastic and provide leak-proof protection for your pets. The slide-out design makes cleaning easy in the event of an accident. These sturdy pans are compatible with all single door and double door metal dog crates from MidWest. MidWest Replacement Pans aren’t just for crates though! They are a perfect multi-purpose tray for your entryways, mudroom, closet, garage, kitchen, garden or inside your car. The raised edges keep spills contained and protect your floor, no matter where you use it. Durable enough for inside and outside use, this pan is built to stand up to wear and tear.