Wenzhou Qilin Adjustable Dog Basket Muzzle - Beige

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SKU# KW-D-384
  • Brand: Wenzhou Qilin
  • Adjustable Dog Basket Muzzle 
  • Color: Beige

Soft plastic material, breathable mesh design, breathable, protect pets from injury. Prevent the pet from biting, eating wrong food or shouting at will. Adjustable size design, equipped with buckle, safe and reliable. The basket design gives an all-around cover of the dogs' mouth, so that it can effectively prevent your dog from barking, biting and chewing dirty foods. It helps remove risk in situations like vet visits, public transportation & dog parks and wildlife scavenging. The basket-style design allows the dog to breathe freely without overheating. It can also be fed easily, and it can also drink and breathe easily. It is easy to clean.

Size Guide

Size Mouth Circumferece (CM) Mouth Length (CM)
Size 2 20 6
Size 3 24 8
Size 5 30 11
Size 6 35 12
Size 7 38 14