The 2HR Aquarist APT Dew - 100 ml

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  • Brand: The 2HR Aquarist
  • APT Dew 
  • Size: 100 ml
  • Foliar Mist
  • Stronger plants and superior growth.
  • Based on APT's winning Capstone formula.

Foliage feeding is used widely in commercial farming as it provides faster nutrient uptake by bypassing root / soil issues. However it needs (a) frequent application and (b) careful calibration to prevent leaf-burn. Designed for terrariums and paludariums, APT Dew uses composites that are easily absorbed through the leaf surface.

Potassium Sulphate (CAS#7778-80-5), Magnesium Sulphate (CAS#10034-99-8), Magnesium Nitrate (CAS#13446-18-9), Potassium Phosphate (CAS#7778-77-0)

Example of APT's relative concentration compared with a 50-year old European 'big brand fertiliser'. APT contains 5X the amount of Phosphorus (P) and 6X Potassium (K) per ml. That is like having 5 shots instead of 1 in your morning espresso, if you are into coffee.

Simply 'more' is not necessarily better.
Lower Nitrogen (N) delays chlorophyll production and induces richer colours- to a point. Nitrogen is also critical for metabolism. APT pushes the boundaries of that trade-off. Maximum colour before diminishing returns.

Similar to food labels, "20% protein" or "1% Iron" tells little about actual absorbability, efficacy and impact. APT's components are up to 50X more absorbable, and accessible across a wider range of pH and other water parameters.

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